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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio

"Zerkalniy" - Winter 2010

On 22nd January a winter season 2010 for 25 students was over.
“Zerkalniy” in January met our students with huge snow fields, iced forest and hot cottage N2! During 10 days spent in the rural center we had:
  • Daily walks with wallowing in the snow, games in the snowdrifts, sledge riding and playing snow balls with a local dog Liza;
  • Lessons and rehearsals;
  • Games and contests conducted by the camp and proposed by ourselves;
  • Video salon (directly in the cottage!) watching studio’s creative evenings of 2009 and “Romeo and Juliet” ballet staged by Rudolf Nuriev;
  • Visit of “Zerkalniy” museum;
  • Work on the performance devoted to 65 anniversary of Victory in the Second World War. Staged fragment “A Page from the diary” was performed on the evening devoted to the Day of the breach of the Siege on the 18th of January;
  • Christening with holy water from a spring of Zerkalniy lake for the most active students together with Elena Fedorova (holy water appeared to be warm!!!): a drink from the hand.
  Photos by Tanya Martynova and Nastya Kozel

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