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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio
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The premiere of XXIII season

On 22nd November the whole dance world recollects Maurice Bejart, an outstanding choreographer of the XX century. Since November 2008 “Metamorphoses” studio has dedicated its second Creative evening on the stage of “Carnival” Concert Hall to the philosopher of Dance and his favorite work – contemporary choreography.

On 22nd November 2013 the spectators coming to “Carnival” will have a chance to see the rehearsals of the studio. At 17.15 the Open rehearsal will be presented in the lobby which will be conducted by teachers-choreographers with students from the first year up to the graduates.

At 18.00 the Presentation of the contemporary choreography will be continued. The fragments of the dance show “Dance Life” will be performed in the first part (the show details can be found on our website in “Performances” section). The performers are students of different age from eight up to seventeen years old. We are working hard on training the NEW cast of “Metamorphoses” students starting from the 3rd year!

The first PREMIERE of XXIII season is in the second part!

“Shakespeare contemporary *” (“Dreams”).

A word “dream” means a sequence of images that a person can remember. Dreams are always where we are. Real and not quite.
It is hidden where wisdom of the world and generation experience are.
Amazing immersion to wonderful dream of Shakespeare awaits you.
Such a medieval-remote and at the same time truthful-close to us today’s.
Figurative choreography has been created impressed by Shakespeare’s texts, Marshak’s translations and music of our contemporary.
Two creative groups “Granny Smith” and “Metamorphoses”
invite you to enjoy the meeting with magical Theatre.

Welcome to live performance!

*contemporary (en) – modern

Creators and participants:
Texts: William Shakespeare, Jeffrey Chaucer, Paul Krezhevskikh
Music: Paul Krezhevskikh
Idea: Elena Fedorova, Paul Krezhevskikh and Yana Delmas
Choreography: Elena Fedorova, Olga Ivanova
Scenery: Irina Pimenova
Staging: Elena Fedorova
Performers: Music band “Granny Smith” and dance studio “Metamorphoses”


We are waiting for you, our friendly spectator!

Contemporary choreography is not just interesting! Contemporary choreography is new knowledge, various emotions and unforgettable impressions!

A Dance as an inexhaustible Creativity,

all-triumphant Love

and wise philosophy of Life

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