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«Metamorphoses» Dance & Plastic Studio
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Presentation of modern choreography

Since 2007 the 22nd November for the whole ballet world is a memory day of remarkable choreographer of XX century – Maurice Bejart who amazed everybody with enormous knowledge in the history of art and literature, music and architecture, who made the ballet the property of many people and saved its elitism.

“Metamorphoses” studio devotes its November creative evening to the philosopher of Dance, a “traveler” on different ages, countries and cultures – Maurice Bejart, his life – modern dance and his dancing language: “classics – basics of any search, present time – a guarantee for future vitality, traditional dances of different nations – lifeblood of choreographic research”.

17.00-18.00, the lobby of “Carnival” concert hall - open rehearsals:

Time Teacher , concertmaster Group, repertoire
17.00-17.10 E. Fedorova, E. Ponomarenko 101 warming-up; 203 improvisation with props
17.10-17.20 M. Ischuk 501+601 rehearsal of “Sounds”
17.20-17.30 K. Azeeva 401+701 rehearsal of “Metamorphoses new”
17.30-17.40 K. Azeeva 602 afro-jazz
17.40-17.50 M. Ischuk 401+501 rehearsal of “Trendy orange tie”
17.50-18.00 E. Fedorova, E. Ponomarenko 401+501 singing + step

18.00, concert hall – DANCE, MUSIC, INSTALLATION:

  • Combine students from 8 to 17 years old on one stage;
  • Create images of our beautiful Russia, characters of Greek mythology;
  • Combine creativity of “Metamorphoses” and Children’s Design Centre of the Palace;
  • Dips in the world of Shakespeare sonnets;
  • Awakes the desire to catch the rhythm;
  • Carries away into the world of abstract images and characters;
  • Calls to the future and convinces to love the present;

And don’t leave you, our friendly Spectator, indifferent!

A Dance as an inexhaustible Creativity,

all-triumphant Love

and wise philosophy of Life

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